Superior Technology

Bio-Electronics offers a full line of radiographic equipment for all your imaging needs including installation, sales and service through our partnership with Konica Minolta Healthcare. Bio-Electronics offers full-service plans with equipment sales through Konica Minolta, from installation through end of life.

Equipment Sales

Medical Imaging

Bio-Electronics offers several lines of radiology equipment for all of your radiology needs including U-Arms, Full rad rooms, C-Arms, Mobile, Veterinarian, portables, and podiatry. Just let Bio-Electronics know how we can serve your radiology needs and we will customize your next comprehensive radiology system.

Chiropractic Imaging

We have several lines of chiropractic systems to suit your needs and will customize around you and your practice. All of our systems are DR integrated and we do offer auto tracking for faster patient positioning and better service. Ask our representative about how we can help build your next chiropractic room around your business and your needs.

DR Systems

Bio-Electronics is proud to offer our premium lines of DR systems. All of our lines of DR are top tier in the DR Field. All of our systems offer amazing clarity and image quality including Cesium and Gaddox plates. We also offer several sizes of plates with wired or wireless, mobile retrofits, upgrades, configuration consulting, and APPS training. Let us know how we can help you with all of your DR needs.

Veterinarian Imaging

We have several variations of fully integrated DR radiology for our Veterinarian lines including; portable generators and DR that work both in the field and in your exam rooms, fully stationary rooms that work for small or large animals as well. Feel free to contact us to further discuss your radiology needs.

Service Programs

Our Prevent Service programs are designed to prolong the active life of healthcare equipment through periodic inspections and maintenance. Our programs have been tested through hundreds of Joint Commission, state Medicare/Medicaid certifications along with state and federal radiological health inspections and have proven to deliver the highest levels of regulatory compliance and exemplary up-time statistics. These options allow hospitals and other health care facilities to select the level of maintenance and support services that best meet the needs of each organization.

Full-Service and Parts

Full-Service and parts provides a comprehensive radiology service level which provides for all equipment service, maintenance, glassware and parts so that your facility can project all equipment costs upfront. 

Preventive Maintenance Only

Our basic Preventative Maintenance service level provides an economical way for health care facilities to satisfy regulating agency requirements for documentation, testing procedures, and testing frequency. Preferred pricing on repair labor and parts offers additional savings.

Installation, Removals & Relocation

Bio-Electronics can help you with equipment installation, removal and relocation of your radiographic equipment as well. When new equipment arrives, existing equipment needs to be relocated, or old radiology equipment needs to be removed our expert team of professionals is here save you time, effort and assist you with all of these needs!

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