History of Bio-Electronics

Since 1976, Bio-Electronics has been a leader in its field by meeting the demand for expert yet cost-effective maintenance services for advanced medical equipment. Bio-Electronics is dedicated to providing preventive maintenance, repair and equipment management of medical equipment to health care facilities in Nebraska and surrounding states. Bio-Electronics has service agreements with more than 200 healthcare facilities, including 56 hospitals and numerous clinics, laboratories, ambulance services, physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, veterinary clinics, universities and other health care organizations. Our Prevent Service programs maximize up-time and prolong the active life of healthcare equipment through periodic inspections and maintenance—with service rates 40 to 60% below that of most medical equipment manufacturers. Our CompliancePlus process assures your equipment will be in compliance with all regulating agency requirements, and we back this process with our CompliancePlus Guarantee.

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Who We Are

Bio-Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA), providing medical equipment service to hospitals and healthcare facilities in Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, and Iowa. Our staff of highly qualified technicians service more than 250 hospitals and clinics each year.

Each member of our Board of Directors must hold a senior management position within their respective hospital. Because of this mandate, Bio-Electronics’ clients can be assured that the services provided are professional and reasonably priced and that the strictest regulation requirements are met or exceeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bio-Electronics’ service program differ from others?

A service contract with Bio-Electronics provides for a performance guarantee – that all scheduled maintenance on the contracted equipment list will be performed for the contracted price. Bio-Electronics will do whatever it takes to complete the contracted work for the contracted price. This is a performance contract – not a purchased block of time.

As a customer, how do I know what tests (PMs) have been completed on my equipment?

Documentation (PM Book) is left on-site at your facility. The equipment inspection forms contained in the PM Book document actual test results of the work completed by the Bio-Electronics' technician – not just an indication of pass/fail. Having completed documentation on-site is invaluable during accreditation inspections. Various reports are also available on Bio-Electronics’ website.

In addition, each quarter Bio-Electronics’ provides a YTD Client Summary Activity Report which identifies historical data (PMs and repairs) on any given equipment. It is a cumulative summary of all activity performed during a calendar year.

What other reports can I expect to receive as a contracted customer?

After each month-end, a variety of reports will be sent electronically to any staff member you designate. This will include your Scheduled Equipment Work Order indicating all preventive maintenance scheduled for the upcoming month, as well as an updated Equipment File List, Lost/In-Service/Out for Repair Report (if any) and QA Report (if any). A YTD Summary Activity Report will be provided quarterly (unless requested more often).

If any additional specific reports are needed, you just need to contact Bio-Electronics’ Lincoln Office.

What if I want our facility to perform some of the more basic testing of our equipment?

Bio-Electronics is happy to make available to your facility training of in-house staff to perform preventive maintenance on as much equipment as interest, time, ability, and availability of test equipment will allow. As a contracted customer, Bio-Electronics will provide Scheduled Work Orders, PM sheets, etc. to your facility so that staff may complete their scheduled maintenance.

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Careers at Bio-Electronics

We're always looking for talented people to join our team. If you're looking forward to working with a team of like-minded professionals, please send us your resume. Bio-Electronics employees enjoy competitive salaries, relocation assistance and generous benefits.