Bio-Electronics offers a complete spectrum of services for all your laboratory requirements – from Hematology Analyzers to Centrifuges to Incubators. Bio-Electronics can help assure you stay compliant with all laboratory regulations.

Repair & Preventive Maintenance Service

Our Prevent Service programs are designed to prolong the active life of healthcare equipment through periodic inspections and maintenance. Our programs have been tested through hundreds of inspections including The Joint Commission (TJC), state Medicare/Medicaid certifications along with state and federal radiological health inspections and have proven to deliver the highest levels of regulatory compliance and exemplary up-time statistics. These options allow hospitals and other healthcare facilities to select the level of maintenance and support services that best meet the needs of each organization.

Prevent Premium (SL08) - Preventive Maintenance / Repairs / Parts

This full-service program is a worry-free solution that allows facilities to precisely budget for equipment maintenance and repairs, and have current, compliance-focused documentation on file at all times. Prevent Premium provides, for one fixed annual fee, comprehensive coverage for all scheduled and emergency services, including repair parts and labor. Overtime travel and labor, glassware, software, and consumables are your only non-covered cost.

Prevent Advanced (SL03) - Preventive Maintenance / Repairs

Prevent Plus provides all the services of Prevent Premium with the exception of the cost of repair parts.  Prevent Plus helps facilities plan and manage medical equipment service expenses and minimize non-budgeted costs.

Prevent Basic (SL05) - Preventive Maintenance Only

Prevent Basic provides an economical way for healthcare facilities to satisfy regulating agency requirements for documentation, testing procedures, and testing frequency. Preferred pricing on repair labor and parts offers additional savings.