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Trust in Bio-Electronics proven track record or industry excellence

Since its founding in 1976, Bio-Electronics has been a leader in its field by meeting the demand for cost-effective maintenance services in advanced medical modalities. By servicing major medical devices that historically cost facilities 60 to 70% of their medical equipment maintenance budget, we demonstrate aggregate savings of millions of dollars each year to our clients.

We serve hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, rehabilitation facilities, and many other types of health care facilities as well as providing specialized services for mobile medical and veterinarian equipment. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Diagnostic imaging systems
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Operating room equipment, including sterilizers
  • Physiology monitors
  • Lasers
  • Respiratory therapy equipment
  • Cardiac rehabilitation equipment
  • And much more

Experienced, knowledgeable technicians

Bio-Electronics offers some of the most highly-qualified professionals in the maintenance and repair industry, each with many years of maintenance experience. 

Fast service

Our field technicians all live and work in the Midwest providing prompt, economical response within our primary service area (Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas). With your lead technician generally just a short drive away, you’ll get a quick response to your service call and minimal travel expenses.

Competitive pricing

Clients can expect pricing 40 to 60% lower than manufacturer-provided repair services.