Bio-Electronics’ customer website is currently under maintenance in order to address the revised CMS medical equipment maintenance requirements and The Joint Commission’s new Element of Performance.

Please contact Bio-Electronics at 888-449-4980 for further information and assistance.

  • Be Confident

    Improving patient care and facility productivity
    with expert medical equipment management,
    preventive maintenance, and repair.


    Bio-Electronics offers ENHANCED CONTRAST

    Be sure to contact us if you are interested in Bio-Electronics
    providing you with a service quote on your injector. (See "Client
    News" for more information.)

    Expert, cost-effective medical equipment maintenance and management services

    Since 1976, Bio-Electronics has been a leader in its field by meeting the demand for expert yet cost-effective maintenance services for advanced medical equipment.

    Our Prevent Service programs maximize up-time and prolong the active life of healthcare equipment through periodic inspections and maintenance—with service rates 40 to 60% below that of most medical equipment manufacturers.

    Our CompliancePlus process assures your equipment will be in compliance with all regulating agency requirements, and we back this process with our CompliancePlus Guarantee.

    Bio-Electronics provides expert maintenance and management of advanced medical equipment, helping your organization:

    • Optimize patient care and safety
    • Reduce maintenance expenditures
    • Assure regulatory compliance

    We effectively minimize your downtime with:

    • Highly-skilled service technicians
    • Knowledgeable preventive maintenance and repair
    • On-site repairs within 24 hours when requested by contract customers.