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Prevent Service advantages

When you contract for any one of the Bio-Electronics Prevent Service programs, you receive—in addition to our core maintenance services—a broad range of value-added services, all at no additional charge. We put our dedication to quality service and compliance excellence up to your stringent standards.

Preferred response

Prevent Service contract customers receive preferred response compared to non-contract customers. We’ll answer your service requests immediately or within one hour. We’ll be on site to make repairs within 24 hours when you request immediate service. Additionally, Prevent Premium and Plus program clients are never charged for technician travel time or expenses incurred during normal business hours.

Preferred pricing

Parts and labor costs not covered by your Prevent contract will be discounted 10% off our standard pricing.

Compliance advocacy

Bio-Electronics CompliancePlus process includes the development and maintenance of the PM and Briefing books, providing everything needed to maintain regulatory compliance. Bio-Electronics technicians will attend, at client request, any compliance review. 

Recall alerts

When a recall is issued, based on FDA or manufacturer findings, we will alert our customers who have equipment contracted with us.

Parts sourcing

With a database of thousands of pieces of equipment and well-established connections with parts manufacturers and resellers nationwide, Bio-Electronics is able to source parts for a wide range of equipment, even older models. This is extremely beneficial to organizations desiring to maximize the useful life of each piece of equipment or delay large equipment expenditures.

Consulting and evaluation services

When you are considering purchasing new or used equipment for your facility, Bio-Electronics can help you make the right decision. We offer our Prevent Service contract clients four hours of consultation, at no charge, for each proposed new equipment purchase. These services help you evaluate both the immediate and long-term costs of equipment purchases and help you plan and budget for installation. Our consulting and evaluation experts offer a variety of services including:

  • Maintenance analysis.  We can help you evaluate the potential frequency and cost of maintenance and repairs on a wide range of equipment. This is especially valuable if you are considering purchasing pre-owned and/or refurbished equipment.
  • Performance evaluations. We evaluate equipment options in terms of reliability and longevity, and can also connect you with other facilities that use the same equipment so you can inquire regarding their performance satisfaction levels.
  • Installation requirements. Advanced medical equipment often has extremely particular site specifications including items such as room size, shielding, and electrical requirements. We can help you plan and prepare for the efficient installation of any equipment you are purchasing.
  • Equipment installation.  If installation is not included with your purchase, Bio-Electronics can expertly install your equipment to assure safe, compliant, accurate operation.