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Faith Regional Health Services

“There is no doubt that Bio-Electronics has the expertise to provide exceptional preventive maintenance, repair, and management services for our medical equipment. In the nine years I’ve worked with Bio-Electronics, we’ve had 100% compliance on all our regulatory surveys. That is quite a feather in their hat.

“What is as valuable to us as their expertise, is the way they work with us. Our Bio-Electronics technicians are flexible and accommodating. They respond positively to our requests even if we ask for something that is not specifically in our contract. There seems to be nothing they can’t handle.

“In addition, we really value the respect and consideration they show our staff and patients. They are courteous, sensitive, and very conscious of the culture of patient-centered care we emphasize at our facility.

“I don’t generally give out recommendations, but Bio-Electronics has earned our trust and respect. They are a good partner and I’m happy to tell that to others.”

Facilities Management
Faith Regional Health Services
Norfolk, Nebraska

Box Butte General Hospital

“One of the primary reasons we choose to work with Bio-Electronics is that they are a single-source vendor for medical equipment maintenance and management. That is more beneficial to working with many different manufacturers. Our relationship with Bio-Electronics is outstanding. Our primary technician has been working with us for quite a few years. He knows our staff and our equipment. This stability and tenure is very valuable to us. We don’t get that from the manufacturers’ service techs.

“We also really like how Bio-Electronics’ staff is locally based. The majority of our service comes from the Bio-Electronics Scottsbluff location. They can be here right away when we need them.

“Another tremendous strength of Bio-Electronics is the complete, concise, well-organized information/documentation. This is a critical service for us. We also appreciate that our technician will be on-site during regulatory reviews. This human support is a valuable service.

“Overall, it’s all about the relationship. We have an excellent relationship with Bio-Electronics’ techs and office staff. I trust their judgment and experience. I’m very comfortable working with them and trust their recommendations because we have such a strong relationship.”

Box Butte General Hospital
Alliance, Nebraska

Johnson County Hospital

“We have been very pleased working with Bio-Electronics. Key for us is to make sure our equipment is up and running. With Bio-Electronics preventive maintenance, we have minimal downtime. If we do, we really appreciate how quickly they can be here. Being a busy hospital, we don’t want to wait three hours, much less three days. When Bio-Electronics makes a repair call, the tech can generally be here in a little over an hour—and we’re out here in the middle of Nebraska. No one else we’ve worked with has been able to offer that kind of service. Plus their prices are very conservative. We’ve worked with manufacturer service contracts and there is just no comparison— Bio-Electronics offers exceptional speed of service and cost savings.

“When it comes to preventive maintenance, we are very pleased with Bio-Electronics. Their process is very thorough and their equipment lists are comprehensive, including the equipment they test and service and the equipment we test ourselves. The documentation detail is excellent. It covers what equipment was tested, the specific test results, and who did the testing. It’s exactly what we need for state review. In a review, the burden of proof is on us. With Bio-Electronics we don’t worry. We know we have the process and the documentation in place to be in compliance.

“Some of their ‘extra’ services are quite valuable as well. We recently purchased a clinic and Bio-Electronics came in and evaluated all the equipment that was to be included in the sale. This helped us negotiate a fair price and make sure that what we purchased would be useable.

“The Bio-Electronics staff is top notch. The technicians are well trained and have strong expertise on a wide range of equipment. The management staff is well organized and have excellent strategic insight. I always feel like they are planning on how to best serve their clients—and that’s a great feeling.”

Diane Newman
Johnson County Hospital
Tecumseh, Nebraska