Cybersecurity Tops ECRI lnstitute's Health Technology Hazard List


In its annual list of the top 10 health hazards for 2019, ECRI Institute identified cybersecurity attacks by hackers who can exploit remote access to systems, disrupting healthcare operations, as its number-one hazard.

This top billing of cybersecurity attacks makes AAMl's Medical Device Cybersecurity guide particularly timely for healthcare technology management professionals.

"Clearly, medical device cybersecurity has become a topic of significant relevance, and over the past months we have seen a number of valuable contributions being published," said Axel Wirth, distinguished technical architect at Symantec Corporation. "One of the unique aspects of this problem is its complexity and the need to find a common language and form a common understanding across participating stakeholders. This was one of the main objectives for us when we produced the AAMI guide, to provide that shared understanding and to enable stakeholders to engage on the topic in a meaningful and constructive manner." Wirth co-edited the guide with Stephen Grimes, managing partner and principal consultant of Strategic Healthcare Technology Associates, LLC.

AAMI also offers multiple standards and related documents that provide risk management guidance to manufacturers, including the technical information report TIR57, which describes how to develop a cybersecurity risk management process for their products, and the 8000 1 series of TIRs on risk management for healthcare providers. To order the guide or standards, visit the AAMI Store at